Supplemental Services

No matter the nature of your staffing needs, Ortek can provide supplemental and ancillary services to assist in your recruiting efforts. Examples of such services include scheduling interviews, background checks, hotel & flight arrangements, and checking references, as well as numerous other supportive, administrative and secretarial functions.

Web Design & Applicant Tracking System

Ortek maintains a small but dedicated in-house IT and graphic design team. Within a few days, we can develop a fully customized on-line job board and career portal containing pertinent information for potential applicants considering positions at your organization. Although the job portal is not a full-blown website, it is an effective tool to enhance your image and communicate the advantages of a career at your organization. Currently, Ortek has licensing rights to third party ATS software which it makes available to its client base. In Q3 2014, Ortek will unveil its own proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Dreamode®, which will be made available free of charge to all Ortek clients. Dreamode® is currently in advanced stages of development and will start beta testing in March 2014.